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Like many Americans, you are probably concerned about your financial future, especially in your senior years.  Over the last decade, our nation’s economy has been in a mighty struggle and like most Americans, that economic struggle has likely affected your financial future, especially in your retirement years.

The good news is, things are on the rise and it is never too late to plan.  As things change, we must Retirementchange with them.  At JMH Financial, we are prepared to help guide you, to help you make adjustments that best suit your situation and your future.

From long-term care to life insurance and more, as your independent insurance agent, John Henninges, owner of JMH Financial offers the experience to assure your senior years are secure.  With over ten years serving the needs of his clients, John has the experience and the expertise to help you navigate the rocky financial waters we are currently facing.

Give John a call today toll-free at 1-800-339-8602 and let him show you how he can help you secure your financial future as you approach your senior years.

Let John use his experience and his expertise to give you peace of mind as you approach retirement.  The rocky and unpredictable economy today is no reason for you and your family to financially struggle tomorrow.